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The role of dad has changed for the 21st century physician father. With that comes different expectations compared to the physician dads before us. With so much changing, where do we turn to to get answers about how to be the dad we always expected ourselves to become? This podcast is designed with the physician dad in mind. I am Dr Jeremy Toffle, physician, husband, father to two boys, and self proclaimed imperfect dad. Through my own struggles as a parent, I have come to find that there are several key core foundations that make up who we are as a parent; if we chose to improve these core foundations, we can strive to be the father we always expected to be. Join me in this show as I discuss each of these core foundations as well as interview experts in various fields of these same principals. I also discuss dad life with new and experienced dads, helping us rediscover what it means to be a dad in the 21st century as a physician and learn to embrace our imperfections along the way. This is the Imperfect Dad MD Podcast
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