Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle

Yes Your Kid Can Wear a Mask

September 15, 2021 Doctor Podcast Network Episode 59
Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle
Yes Your Kid Can Wear a Mask
Show Notes

As the new school year has started and we are about a month or so in, many of us find ourselves in a similar scenario as last fall - do our kids need to wear a mask at school?  Many school districts around the country have approached this in very different ways.  With these recommendations have come a loud voice of people who are strictly opposed to all forms of mask wearing; especially in our kids.

Today's episode is NOT about the science or arguments for or against mask wearing.  It is about how our BELIEFS about wearing a mask may be significantly affecting our children's psyche.  Listen in as I talk about how we may be directly and indirectly increasing their anxiety and stress just by being strongly vocal about this topic.

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