Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle

Setting Expectations - Dad talk with Dr Brent Lacey

August 18, 2021 Doctor Podcast Network Episode 51
Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle
Setting Expectations - Dad talk with Dr Brent Lacey
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered why your spouse can NEVER figure out what your expectations are for that day? That week? That month?  Well, have you ever talked about it?

Today's episode features Dr Brent Lacey, a gastroenterologist as well as blogger and podcast at The Scope of Practice.  We discuss dad life, setting expectations, and other important topics to not only succeed at dad life, but married life and business life as well.

Dr. Brent Lacey is a gastroenterologist who is passionate about helping physicians succeed with business and personal finances.  As a physician, he understands how overwhelming it can be to step out of clinical training and into a career, and he has seen firsthand the lack of education on how to run a practice and manage finances.  He has coached hundreds of families to succeed in building personal wealth and stellar careers and has spoken to physician groups around the country on topics related to business and personal finance.  That's also why he founded The Scope of Practice website.  His goal is to help physicians learn how to grow their leadership skills, their business and their personal finances.

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