Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle

Early Sports Specialization and Our Kids

June 09, 2021 Doctor Podcast Network Episode 31
Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle
Early Sports Specialization and Our Kids
Show Notes

With the summer months among us we are seeing multiple sports physicals every day in the office.  Football, softball, baseball, track, soccer, and more – everyone is starting to get back to their respective activities as local restrictions allow.  With this brings great excitement for our youth, as many of them had to miss out on this last summer.  This also resurfaces the topic of our kids specializing early in a single sport to promote early acceleration in a set discipline.  Although it may seem like a good idea, multiple research studies have shown that this tends to bring about the exact opposite scenario than what we are striving for. 

In today's episode, I discuss the research behind why early sports specialization is actually NOT a good idea.  I also discuss how our BRAINS tend to affect our desires for our child's early success, leading us to push them down a path of perceived success early in life.  This mindset then prevents our children from learning that failure is actually a GOOD thing.

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