Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle

Understanding the Difference in Your Kids

August 10, 2022 Doctor Podcast Network Episode 129
Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle
Understanding the Difference in Your Kids
Show Notes

I recently released a Reel on Instagram of our two boys sword fighting.  It was under the premise that I usually discourage our boys from fighting, yet I encouraged them to fight with swords and targets on their bodies.  

As I watched the videos back, I very easily recognized the difference in fighting styles between the older and younger son.  One was more reserved and calculating, while the other simply berserked his attacks with no interest in hitting the target.  

Correlating these behaviors to every day life, it was easy to deduce the differences in our boys and how they handle daily situations.  Stress, discipline, friends, school - each of them uses their own specific personalities to respond to these external stimuli, and if I wasn't aware of this then it would be difficult to know how to talk to them in times of stress.  

We all attempt to raise our children in a similar fashion.  However, we all know at once that this is folly.  Each of our kids handles our normal mannerisms when it comes to handling time-outs, eating behaviors, bed time, school concerns, etc.   Some of our kids may thrive on the way we parent, while others may tumble.  

Today I discuss these differences in our kids and how I use that to determine how to manage every day topics with them, be it school, friends, discipline at home, stress, or other situations.  

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