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Physician Coaching with Dr Michael Hersh

April 06, 2022 Doctor Podcast Network Episode 112
Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle
Physician Coaching with Dr Michael Hersh
Show Notes

It seems like the topic of "Life Coaching" has become more prevalent the last two years, mostly in part due to the pandemic.  Many people were feeling lost, unsure of who they are or what they wanted, which typically leads individuals to searching for help. 

In medicine, however, physicians have been feeling the sense of feeling lost and helpless much longer.  Burnout has been a major topic within all medical fields for the last decade at least, with a strong emphasis on life at work, life at home, physician depression and anxiety, etc.  However, when someone approaches you as a Life Coach stating they want to help you, yet they have absolutely NO IDEA what it is to be a physician, let alone go through burnout themselves, it is hard to assume they are going to be any help.

This is where physician coaches come into play.  These are physicians who have put the time and effort into being certified to be life coaches (as well as going through coaching themselves) all while working their normal doctor jobs. 

One such physician life coach is Dr Michael Hersh.  He is a gastroenterologist, father, husband, and physician coach at Better Physician Life Coaching.  He coaches physicians on life balance, goal setting, money mindset, self-confidence, and relationships.  You can learn more about him at his website at  

Listen in today as we talk about what got HIM into coaching, how it has benefited not only him as a doctor but ALSO a father, and how you can check it out as well.  

He also gives a LOT of pearls of wisdom on helping your kid deal with worry and other thought processes, so you don't want to miss this one!

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